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The Three Main Problems Online Product Brands Face When Looking to Scale Are:

Profitable Campaigns

High Converting Websites

Content That Converts

We Work With Brands in 4 Areas to Unlock Massive Revenue Growth in Their Businesses

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Most Marketing Agencies are Either Sales Driven or Design Driven. At Storytellers We Are Driven by Both.

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Their team has completely transformed our business, top to bottom. They are knowledgeable and super creative, a true joy to work with.

Sarah Cornwell

Founder of Sarah Conrwell Jewelry

It's Time to Solve These Problems 

Unlock Real Scale for Your Brand

Building and scaling an ecommerce company is one of the most exciting and rewarding opportunities for entrepreneurs. The long nights, financial investments, and months or even years of work is going to be "worth day". Right? eCommerce brands face far more challenges than they did just a few years ago. There is so much attention to compete with, advertising costs are rising by the day, social media platforms change weekly, profitability seems elusive, and innovating to remain relevant with your customer base is an ongoing struggle. Is it your landing page or website? Maybe it's your checkout process? Does your content convert for sales and is it built contextually by platform? Your marketing department or contractors are throwing terms at you like ROAS, COA, CPA and you don't have time to figure out who actually understands where you should invest your next marketing dollar into. All you want to do is sell your product, make customers happy, make a healthy profit, and enjoy this crazy journey. The founders at Storytellers have discovered that most of the time that the founders of many ecommerce brands are either attempting to solve all the marketing and advertising challenges themselves or are piecemailing together independent contractors who are all focused on their own one dimensional goals and hardly, if ever, collaborate. To scale a brand you need mass market brand recognition (people to know, like and trust you), the best content that tells the story of why consumers see your product as a "have to have" (vs a me-too product), insanely high traffic (people visiting your online store), cross platform attribution and tracking (tracking someone from Facebook to Instagram to Google to an eventual sale), high converting checkout pages (so you actually make money), and innovation to keep up with the non stop changes with all the social media platforms (that change almost weekly). What is the magic formula? There is no magic but what if we told you that you could get back to manufacturing and shipping products, innovating the next big upsell, and customer retention? How would you feel if someone was doing a 10 out of 10 on the very thing you are up late at night trying to figure out with little to no experience - marketing and selling your products. 
Quick reality check....would you allow someone to manufacture your products that has little to no experience doing so? Of course not! Then why are YOU trying to market and advertise your products in a very competitive and fluid digital world? Simple. You are trying to "save money". We have learned that saving vs. investing is the biggest issue product entrepreneurs make. Or maybe you hired someone and they just are not getting the job done.
We have your solution - Storytellers. At Storytellers we combine a world class design firm with a cutting edge advertising team under one roof. The founders built an eCommerce machine with one singular focus: scaling brands with ROI top of mind so the product sales and the owners remain profitable. 

Most marketing agencies are design driven or revenue driven. At Storytellers we are driven by both

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Online Advertising

Attention has shifted and so has your customer. We leverage todays major digital and social platforms to drive that attention to your brand through state of the art advertising and media buying practices. Whether it be social advertising or influencer marketing, we work relentlessly to identify your target market and capture their attention. The end goal? Scale your revenue profitably. 

Website Design + Conversion Optimizing

Is your online store built for primetime traffic? One of the major factors that holds back online brands from scaling is a low converting website. Our team knows what to look for and makes strategic changes to make sure your site is driving traffic toward your end goal - sales.

Influencer Marketing

Connect your brand to an authentic voice and dedicated audience. One of the most powerful ways to scale your product is by putting in the hand of content creators to not only drive revenue but to gather user generated content for your advertising campaigns.

Product Photography and Video

75% of online shoppers say that they rely on product based photography to make a purchasing decision, while 86% of shoppers say they would like to see more video from brands. Our world class production teams shoot, edit, and create content for your products to be used on advertising campaigns and your online store.

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